Field Tuff HDHA-59 Heavy Duty Drag Harrow

Field Tuff HDHA-59 Heavy Duty Drag Harrow Review

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The Field Tuff HDHA-59 Heavy Duty Drag Harrow is a tool that’s very simple and easy to get started using. It’s an excellent choice for small land areas, but will work just as well as lands that are much larger. This drag harrow is great at what it does, evening out a wide variety of surfaces and breaking down hard obstacles and stubborn objects. It’s truly a heavy duty tool that you’ll be glad to have by your side, always there and ready for you to take action.

I’ve been using this drag harrow for a while now, and I have to say that it’s only worked very well this far into my time using it. This drag harrow not only cuts through stuff that’s in the way and levels out the soil and land, it also fills up the ruts, both big and small, on the surfaces that you want to fix up. Even if the soil or other surface types on your land are already relatively smooth, using this drag harrow will only make your land look better than ever.

Overall, what I would say about the Field Tuff HDHA-59 Heavy Duty Drag Harrow, is that it was an excellent choice to make for all the things that it enables you to do. The evenness and openness of the space on your land will be a breeze to clean up and maintain for the long-term. You won’t regret having this drag harrow in your toolbox when the time comes for you to transform your land.

Field Tuff HDHA-59 Heavy Duty Drag Harrow

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Pros and Cons


  1. This drag harrow is a real heavy duty tool that will enable you to start crushing obstacles on your land and smooth out the surface, even if the material is really tough and stubborn. It has just the right amount of weight to apply pressure on those spots that are hard to remove and hard to even out.
  2. This drag harrow smoothly lets you go straight to fixing up your land with its ingenious and intuitive design. One side of this drag harrow focuses on cutting through the soil cleanly and effectively, while the other evens the soil out.
  3. Another things that really adds to the usefulness of this drag harrow is how easy it is to keep in storage, since it doesn’t take up that much space.


  1. Something that’s not so great about this drag harrow is that, while its dual sides where one focuses on cutting the soil and the other on smoothing the soil out, is that these same sides fall apart when you turn the drag harrow over. You’ll have to look out for this and not turn this drag harrow over when you don’t need to, and keep it face up at all times while you’re using it.
  2. There are times when you have to put in more effort than usual to push on so this drag harrow will follow through in helping you make your land the way you want it.
  3. After you use this drag harrow, you have to check the sections of the land that you worked on to see if the land was evened out and cleared to your liking.

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