Neat Attachments Chain Harrow Variable Action Drag Harrow

Neat Attachments Chain Harrow Variable Action Drag Harrow Review

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The Neat Attachments Chain Harrow Variable Action Drag Harrow is an action drag that’s changed a lot of the ways I work on my land. It’s become an indispensable part of my toolbox. It’s worked out very well in all sorts of situations, on several kinds of plots and areas on the land.

This model has worked very well on several types of surfaces, from food plots, horse pens, the meadow, a gravel road, and the garden, to name a few. This action drag also prepares your selected area of the land for your future plans in lots of amazing ways. Still, something that might be a downside for some people is its weight, that’s at 110 pounds. You’ll have to factor this in, and look for a way to move and transport it around, especially if it gives you difficulty when you try to physically carry it.

All in all, what I would say about this action drag harrow, is that I’ve had a fun and enjoyable time using it and working on my land with it. Overall, I’ve mostly felt wonderful and overjoyed at how durable, sturdy, reliable, and enduring this action drag is.

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  1. A feature of this action drag that I’ve come to really appreciate is how you can reverse it, from the front to the back, to help you increase how deep the turned soil will get. You can also handily turn this action drag over, to even out the ground or the specific kind of surface with a much better performance. All this happens without the tines getting dug in.
  2. Another thing about this action drag is how, on top of this model being really good at smoothing out the surface of the land, is how it helps you effortlessly create rows for the seeds you’ve got that you want to grow into plants someday.


  1. Something about this model that might not work out well for some people is the fact that this action drag is only four feet by four feet. Some people might prefer an action drag that’s wider. Still, this four-foot action drag is an excellent tool on its own, and it’s definitely a heavy duty model.
  2. There are times when you have to put in more effort than usual, when using this action drag, since this model needs you to push it further in when you want to dig deep on your land. If you just put in the normal amount of effort, this action drag will only skim the surface. This is a definite downside, but it’s easy to fix up and take care of.

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