NorTrac Harrow Rake Review

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The NorTrac Harrow Rake is an excellent pick. You’ll make your land look good and run smooth in no time, when you’ve got this harrow rake model to go to work with as you set out toward the land. You’ll be amazed at its aura of ease, starting from when you unpack it. This harrow rake also has the added option of you connecting it to your preferred 4-wheeler ride.

The NorTrac Harrow Rake is that it’s a fine choice when you look both at the details and the big picture. It’s admittedly on the heavier side, but all in all, I would definitely recommend this harrow rake, since it’s helped me out and benefited me a lot in many ways, both huge and small.

NorTrac Harrow Rake

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Pros and Cons


  1. This harrow rake will make your work flow and feel smooth, and even more so when you’re cultivating the soil, preparing the soil beds to plant seeds, and raking up the fallen leaves and foliage into compact piles.
  2. This harrow rake will have you clearing out the surface of your land in a shorter period of time. After getting this harrow rake up and rolling, I set out toward the land and cleaned the place up effectively, and also cleared out the obstacles like rocks and grass.
  3. Something that’s really cool about this harrow rake is how, when you’re using it on the ground, this model digs in its spikes and works on the soil in a very thoughtful and well-designed way.
  4. You can also add on some more weight to push the harrow rake down even further. To smooth out the surface of the land, you reverse this harrow rake by turning it over for the spikes to come out on top, ready for leveling out the land.


  1. One thing about this harrow rake that I’m not particularly fond of, is that it’s not particularly good at digging up soil that’s more firm and solid. This model does an excellent job on looser surfaces, though.
  2. Another thing that other people, depending on their plans on how they’ll be using the harrow rake, will find the 48 inch width of this model to be a bit of a downside, since they might prefer a harrow rake that’s wider, or smaller and narrower, to better match their needs and wants on the land.

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