Titan Adjustable Tow-Behind Tractor Harrow Drag Pin-Style Hitch Review

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The Titan Adjustable Tow-Behind Tractor Harrow Drag Pin-Style Hitch has been a great choice when it comes to a pin-style hitch that will really complement your toolbox. This pin-style hitch is made with quality and a sturdy build. Setting it up and assembling it was a breeze. All you have to do to start off is to put the parts together, and make sure everything’s aligned properly and in the proper places. After that, you can start your land work that will feel like smooth sailing.

The Titan Adjustable Tow-Behind Tractor Harrow works on lots of surfaces. This pin-style hitch not only evens out the surfaces of the land you’ve set out to work on, it also makes it very easy for you to smooth out any buildups or piles of random stuff that stack up on your land, in case that gathers on the surface you want to redesign.

All in all, what I would say about this pin-style hitch, the Titan Adjustable Tow-Behind Tractor Harrow Drag Pin-Style Hitch, is that it’s only been an amazing experience so far in the time that I’ve used it. This pin-style hitch makes smoothing and clearing out your land a painless, convenient, and even enjoyable process, with the way it helps you do the work effectively and seamlessly.

Titan Adjustable Tow-Behind Tractor Harrow Drag Pin-Style Hitch

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Pros and Cons


  1. This pin-style hitch digs in, straight into the ground, with only its own weight to drive it down firmly. With this feature, you can start working on the land even sooner. You can even choose to dig in this pin-style hitch as deep as you see fit.
  2. This pin-style hitch will prove how amazing it is very quickly. After you assemble it just right and take it out to the land, all you have to do is drag it around the area you want to fix up. Next thing you know, the surface is even and smooth, and all the holes and ruts have been filled up.


  1. There are some surfaces on the land that will need more weight, so you can begin smoothing them out or to make the leveling out process easier and more convenient for you to do. When you do decide to apply more weight on this pin-style hitch, you have to use a flexible yet firm strap or cord to bind the weight properly and to keep it in place as you move the pin-style hitch around.
  2. Another thing that’s a bit of a downside when using this pin-style hitch is that it can’t really move huge rocks or boulders on its own. You’ll have to check the area of the land you plan to work on to see if there are any large rocks in the way, and remove them yourself. Once you do this though, this pin-style hitch will smooth out your land and clear out the smaller obstacles and unwanted material out of the area you’re fixing up, and you’ll feel how convenient and hassle-free your work on the land becomes.

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