Yard Tuff DH-045 Drag Harrow

Yard Tuff DH-045 Drag Harrow Review

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The Yard Tuff DH-045 Drag Harrow, 4-feet x 5-feet model is somewhat of a good choice for a drag harrow. This drag harrow is particularly great at smoothing out and clearing surfaces on the lighter side of the scale, like gardens and driveways. This drag harrow’s build and material matches more with leaner surfaces, where it does a fine job, helping you level them out and clean them up in no time.

While it’s not a particularly heavy duty drag harrow, with this model having a build on the more light duty side, it still well on surfaces that aren’t that hard and stiff, like your garden, the driveway, the lake side, or a beach. This drag harrow’s build and the materials that were used in creating it are not particularly durable, sturdy, and enduring, which makes it more suited for surfaces that are not very hard and not so tough to smooth out and clear up.

All in all, what I would say about Yard Tuff DH-045 Drag Harrow, is that it’s a decent buy, especially when you factor in both the positives and the downsides, and see that this model can help you in its very own way. If you need a drag harrow to work on tougher areas of your land like yards, plots, fields, and others, then you have to get a heavy duty model other than this one. Overall, this drag harrow is a good pick for getting the job done on the lighter surfaces on your land.

Yard Tuff DH-045 Drag Harrow

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Pros and Cons


  1. Something that not exactly a feature of this drag harrow, but still thoughtful and convenient nonetheless, is how it matches well with four-wheelers and all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s). This aspect of the drag harrow allows you to more easily even out and clear up those areas of the land that are not that solid and firm, like your driveway or garden.
  2. This drag harrow will help you out a lot when it comes to the less hard surfaces on your land.


  1. The build of this drag harrow isn’t really that firm and sturdy, and the materials don’t seem to be of very high quality. Using this drag harrow on harder surfaces, like plots and small fields, will severely damage it to the point of it almost breaking apart.
  2. There are times when you’re using this landscape rake when you might think that adding some weight on it is the solution, but you shouldn’t do this. This model is light duty and absolutely not heavy duty, and even putting what looks like just some modest weight, like a couple of blocks, will very likely cause it to break.

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