King Kutter TYR-60-XB Landscape Rake

King Kutter TYR-60-XB Landscape Rake Review

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The King Kutter TYR-60-XB Landscape Rake is a good choice for your first or next landscape rake. It will do wonders for your land, both in evening out the surface and clearing out any obstacles that are sticking out on top. This model landscape rake will save you a lot of time and energy, and will make your work on the soil, and also your life on the land, much more effective.

The King Kutter TYR-60-XB Landscape Rake, This landscape rake model does a good job in how it helps you level out the surface of your land, while clearing all of the unwanted stuff on top on the way.

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Pros and Cons


  1. This landscape rake is really good not only at smoothing out the surface of your land. It’s also great at collecting the rocks, roots, sticks, and other stuff and stacking them all in one place, ready for you to use or dispose as you see fit.
  2. This landscape rake will make it a seamless process for you to gather up the unwanted stuff on the surface of the land in stacks, piles, or bunches that are simple to manage and easy to transfer to another spot, when you feel that it’s the right time.


  1. One thing that this landscape rake will sometimes miss are the very small rocks, roots, sticks, and other material. There are times when this landscape rake will not scoop up the stuff that are smaller than an inch, and you’ll have to look out for them and clear them out, next time on your second pass on that spot on the land.
  2. Another thing that’s not that great about this landscape rake, is that tiny roots, branches, or other stuff will every now and then get stuck on the teeth of the rake. When this happens, you have to pause on the spot, and carefully and manually take out the things off the landscape rake’s teeth, sometimes even by hand. Once this is fully taken care of, you can continue smoothing out and clearing out the land. Be attentive while you use this landscape rake, and always make sure that nothing gets stuck on its teeth.

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