Kolpin LSR60 60-Inch Landscape Rake

Kolpin LSR60 60-Inch Landscape Rake Review

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The Kolpin LSR60 60-Inch Landscape Rake will make your life much more convenient when you get to working on your land – on both soil and gravel. This landscape rake is highly rigid and stable, and yet maintains a high level of flexibility to suit all your needs. All you have to do is get your hands on it and start clearing out the brush and other stuff on the soil or your land, and they’ll disappear like they were never there.

I’ve been using this landscape rake for a good time now, and it’s a good experience, though with a few problems that were easy to solve right away. It’s very easy to set up, but you do have to make sure that each part is firmly attached. It’s a easy to work with, but you have to make sure it’s smoothing out the right places and clearing the things that you want moved somewhere else.

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Kolpin LSR60 60-Inch Landscape Rake

Pros and Cons


  1. Assembling the Kolpin LSR60 landscape rake is seamless and smooth. Put each part in the right place and fasten them in with nuts and bolts. There’s no difficulty at all.
  2. This landscape rake will allow you level out and even out your land and the soil smoothly and efficiently. It works just as well on gravel.


  1. You’ll have to put some weight on the Kolpin LSR60 landscape rake. One of the reasons why it’s is easy to carry and move around is that its built is on the lighter side. This is a minor downside however, and it can fixed up very quickly. Just make sure to this landscape rake weighed down, and you can keep on going.
  2. You need to look back at this landscape rake to make sure that its clearing out the scattered stuff and smoothing out the soil and land in the right way. The accuracy and precision of the aim of this landscape rake isn’t very high, so you must keep an eye out to ensure that the rake is evening out the right spots and clearing out the right things.
  3. You’ll have to check on the landscape rake’s condition every now and then, more frequently than usual, to make sure that everything’s locked into place and the parts are firmly secured.


A Final Word

Overall, what I would say about this landscape rake, the Kolpin LSR60 60-Inch Landscape Rake – is that it’s a good option for developing your land and soil the way you want to, and all you have to do is focus on what you want to do with it and fix the easy to solve problems that pop up as soon as they appear.

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