Landscape Rakes and Drag Harrows

What are Landscape Rakes and what are they used for?

Landscape Rakes

Landscape rakes are an important tool in proper lawn care. These handy tools are designed to make your work with the land a more straightforward process and efficient experience. After you get a landscape rake of your own, you’ll never look back after all the great things it will deliver into your life. Let’s take a look at some its uses.

Uses of Landscape Rakes

  • Firstly, the main reason for using a landscape rake is to spread out and evenly layer coverings on the ground, most of the time over and across wide areas. Landscape rakes are mostly sturdy enough to change all sorts of ground coverings, and there’s a wide variety of different models available.
  • Secondly, landscape rakes are also useful when it comes to spreading compost around and mixing it up. Compost is applied to the soil in gardens as a natural form of fertilizer. The huge head of the rake will give you an easy time in moving and spreading the compost around. Landscape rakes can dig into the soil, mix up the compost or mulch into the upper layer of the soil, and evenly level out the soil’s surface. These rakes can also make the time you spend a breeze, when it comes to the clearing out the stones and other undesirable objects away from your garden.
  • Thirdly, landscape rakes will give you a smooth experience in spreading out any gravel and any stones that are there in your yard. Most landscape rakes are sturdy and durable and will have no problem moving the hard stuff, like the stones and gravel, around the land. They are also useful for spreading out bark chippings and other kinds of mulch. Landscape rakes makes it easy to transfer heavy materials, and it works even smoother with things that are lighter in weight, like the bark chippings. Landscape rakes also come in handy when you have a pond on the land, and you want to clear out the weeds.
  • Finally, landscape rakes will make your life easier and more convenient when the time comes to gather up the leaves and other debris on your land or garden.  The last thing we’ll mention here that landscape rakes are definitely useful for is evenly leveling the soil, and even grading it. This makes the area more conducive and welcoming to planting or laying down turf. The large head of the rake makes moving around huge amounts of soil all at once an easy step.

These reasons and much more are the benefits you’ll get when you have a landscape for your yard, ready to use and turn the land into something more when you need it and you’re ready. Landscape rakes will help you make the land a much more organized, planned, and easy-to-manage aspect of your life and work. You’ll only get ease and peace as you go to work on your lands with a newfound sense of passion and purpose.


What are Drag Harrows and what are the used for?

Drag Harrows

A drag harrow is a farming tool that’s used to make the soil looser and prepare it for cultivation. It’s also used for evening out the soil’s surface to make sure it’s more than prepared for planting seeds in, and supplying nutrition to the soil. Soil’s that aerated in this way boosts the root formations beneath, allowing for the growth of healthy new grass to make the place ready for grazing.

Drag harrows are useful is in arenas, stables, and corrals for horses, because the soil prepared is softened up and pleasant for the horses to frolic around in. You’ll get great results having a drag harrow ready by your side, more so if you’ll going to bring it down on your lawn, garden, or your very own farm.

The drag harrow has two parts that make it extremely powerful working on dry and hard soil that’s deeply stuck in and won’t let go. The first part is a long-spike roller that focuses on crushing through the hard and solid surface. The other part is a chain link fence that’s sectioned off that’s weighted down a bit with old used tires. The chain link fence makes the final part and everything else real smooth. The chain makes the soil very flat, aired out and well-prepared for your planting needs. The tires are from either the ATV tires that are lugged, or tires of the deep lug tractor type.

Drag harrows break down the surface of the soil and smooths it all out. They are built with tines made of steel that are flexible, and matches with all kinds of uses.

Uses of Drag Harrows

  • aerating, airing out, and dethatching land surfaces like lawns and pastures
  • breaking up build-ups and cores of soils
  • bringing back the soil or the sand to the surface
  • bringing new life and color to the pasture
  • getting root aeration for high-quality water infiltration.
  • mixing and spreading around fertilizers and even animal droppings
  • getting the seedbeds and covering them after
  • pull out all the unwanted stuff like the weeds and moss
  • taking out the dirt, gravel, and sand
  • stimulate the germination of new plants growing
  • getting rid of the ant hills, ridges, and gopher mounds

Using the drag harrow is a straightforward process. It’s widely adopted across the agriculture business, and it’s still essential and indispensable even in today’s modern world with the latest technology. Drag harrows work very well on all kinds of terrain. Parts of the drag harrow are designed differently to adjust to certain terrains, especially the tool’s length and width and the angles that the teeth are positioned at. A drag harrow will definitely make your work on the farm or pasture a lot more efficient.