The Pond Heater

You have probably come across the term pond heater or a pond de-icer and you might be wondering what it is or why you might need it. Well, a pond heater is an equipment used to de-winterize or de-ice the pond. Read on to find out what it is all about, why it needed, and whether there is a difference between a pond heater and pond deicer.

The Pond Heater Defined

Its name says it all. The pond heater refers to a device that is normally used during winter to prevent the buildup of ice in a pond. They are available in two types: the floating pond deicer and the submersible pond deicer. The submersible deicer is positioned on the bottom of the well and the floating deicer lies on top of the winter pond. They have both been designed in such a way that a small hole is left free of ice on top of the pond so that gases are eliminated and prevented from sickening or killing the fish.

Why a Pond Heater?

Various substances such as fish waste, dead animals and insects, leaves, plant matter, and others substances accumulate at the bottom of the pond over time. As the seasons pass by, they decay and begin emitting harmful gases. These gases may not affect the fish during the summer and fall since they are released freely to the atmosphere.

At the onset of winter, ice is accumulated over the pond water. This traps the harmful gases emitted by the decaying matter. As the gases continue to accumulate, the fish and other living organisms within the pond become sick or die as a result of the toxicity of the gases. This is precisely where the pond heater comes in. The floating or submersible pond deicer helps secure the fish and other living creatures within the pond from dying. The device allows the harmful gases to exit the pond safely without harming the fish.

There are many crude methods of eliminating the harmful gases generated within the pond during winter. For instance, some may use a sharp object such as an axe to smash holes in the pond ice. This may be effective but it can stress the fish and may injure or kill them. However, de-icing is by far the safest and most effective method of eliminating these gases.

Pond De-icer vs Pond Heater

It is quite common to find these two terms being used interchangeably even when you search them out on any search engine. As a matter of fact not everyone understands what they really need when searching either for the de-icer or heater. The one looking for the heater may in reality be in need of a de-icer.

The pond de-icer is a device that is totally different from a deicer. It is used for raising the temperature of the pond. The devices are highly priced and usually consume lots of power within any given month. You should therefore be willing to dig a little deeper into your pocket when you decide to purchase these gadgets. If unsure of how or where to get started seek expert advice.