The Pond Filter

A water filtration system is ideal for a healthy pond irrespective of whether it is stocked or a plants-only pond. The pond filter helps keep the pond clean, healthy and free from algae. There are various options to choose from when it comes to water filtration systems including the following: waterfall, external filtration, submersible pond filtration, and external filtration system.

The Waterfall External Pond Filtration

This is also referred to as a skimmer pond filtration and is similar in design to swimming pool overflow filters. It basically works by skimming debris from the surface of the pond. The water is filtered as it overflows into a recessed skimmer basket. The water is then directed into an opposite side pond where it is redirected into the pond via a waterfall bio-filter. The entire setup of such a system has been technically designed such that the whole system is hidden and only an impressive water feature is exposed.

The waterfall external pond filtration system is ideal for medium and large ponds. It is easy to maintain and easily removes heavy debris. The system is well-hidden and generally costs between $468 USD to $1200 USD to install.

External Pond Filtration

The external pond filter is ideal for those looking for a life-supporting system built to fit literally any size pond. It has a design such that a pump with an optical skimmer or pre-filter pulls the water from the pond to an elevated “flowthrough” system on the land surface. Once the water is filtered it is directed downhill to the pond. The flow can as well be directed to a streambed or waterfall.

This pond filtration system suits well small to large ponds, fish inhabited or not. It is pretty easy to assemble though it requires some landscaping to hide the filter. It is easy to maintain and the filter is easily accessible on land. The external pond filter has one of the most flexible configurations and comes with the largest design choices and equipment.

Submersible Pond Filtration

Just as its name suggests, with this filtration system the filter is stationed at the bottom of the well. The water is drawn through the filter through a suction created by the submersible pump. He filtered water is directed to a fountain or waterfall where it is re-circulated back into your pond. It is a great choice for those with small or medium ponds with few fish or none. To install such a system you need generally need between $82 USD to $300 USD. It is easy to assemble and requires moderate maintenance. The entire system is hidden underwater and hence difficult to notice.

Pond Filtration Choice Criteria

To get the ideal pond filtration system, consider the following:

  • The more the sun exposure, the more the algae and the larger the filter required.
  • It is easier to install underwater filters in small ponds.
  • An ideal filter should filter the ½ of the pond within one hour.
  • Match the type of filter chosen with the size of fish in the pond.

Inadequate filtration on the pond has a detrimental effect on the fish. You might not even notice the effects for months or even years but once they show it is always too late to reverse.