Types of Pond Filters

Pond filtration is one of the most important treatments to the koi pond or any other kind of pond. It is aimed at creating a clean and balanced ecosystem within the pond. There are different types of pond filters available in various types and brands. You need to understand your options before buying any of them. The filtration process is aimed at eliminating waste materials such as dirt and other biological waste materials. The unwanted materials accumulate in the pond over time and if not removed will end up affecting the fish and other living organisms within the pond.

How to Choose a Pond Filter

With the many brands, types, models, and different features of filters in the market, it may seem quite a challenge to know exactly what to lookout for when buying one. Here are the two most important factors to consider:

  • Type of Filter

Pond filters are broadly grouped into five categories:

  1. In-pond Sponge Filter – this has been designed for the small pond, preferably 500 gallons or even less. It is linked to a pump and it requires an extra bio-chamber so as to guarantee a comprehensive cleaning of the pond.
  2. The Skimmer Pond Filter – this basically collects large debris and waste such as dried leaves before they get to the bottom of the pond. It draws water from the surface of the pond and in the process large waste is drawn into the system. The skimmer works well in both small and large ponds, from as little as 250 gallon ponds.
  3. The Pressure Filter – is a mechanical filter with a sponge designed to capture debris as water is pushed through it. It is designed for ponds of up to 5000 gallons and it works from above or under the water.
  4. UV Sterilizers – these are also referred to as clarifiers. They mainly kill organic particulates such as fungi, bacteria, algae, and viruses. They work through altering the cellular structure of the microorganisms and in the process kills them.
  5. Waterfall Filters – this type of filter utilizes mesh, ceramic beads, and balls. The system is placed above the water level and it designed for ponds of 1000 gallons or less.


Other important Considerations

  • Pond Dimensions – you need to get the exact pond dimensions and buy a filter that is designed for such a size. Seek expert advice if you do not know how to do it.
  • Maintenance – the unit should be easy to maintain.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Compatibility with the existing pond.
  • Effectiveness in removing green algae.


Top Pond Filters

1. Pondmaster PMK190 190gph Pump and Filter

This is an excellent quality pond filter built for 200 gallon ponds. It is made of good materials, has an additional bonus fountain head, is covered by a limited warranty, and is energy-efficient. This US-made filter works as both a mechanical and biological filtration system. Most of the users of the filter were impressed with the unit. However, some raised their concerns about the filter clogging easily. This however is not the case most of the time.

The filter’s additional fountain head is a bonus and if other pump or filter nozzles are added, one can enjoy some amazing patterns.

2. Oase BioSmart 5000 Filter

This is an amazing filter that works perfectly with Aqua Max Eco pump units. A combination of these units brings out one of the best filtration systems. This system is unique when compared to other systems. It comes with separate sections designed for keeping and growing beneficial pond bacteria. These help break down organic waste and keep the water clear and clean.

The OASE pond filter has a built-in cleaning system that eliminates the need to manually unclog the foams. The unit is easy to use and it has user-friendly features such as a temperature gauge, cleaning indicator, and a sludge drain. Furthermore, the unit is UV-filter ready and is easy to setup. Nonetheless, the filter has short tubing. You wil have to buy an additional pipe.

3. TetraPond Filtration Fountain Kit

This unit is one of the best submersible filtration systems. It is designed for ponds that range from 50 to 250 gallons. It keeps the pond clear and reduces clogging in the pump. You also enjoy the amazing views on your pond garden courtesy of the fountain set. Some of the key features of the filter include: pump capacity of 325 gallons/hour, a long electric cord, 3 fountain heads that deliver three patterns, and is covered by a three year warranty.

4. Jebao CF-10 Pressured Pond Bio Filter

This unit with a 13W UVC clarifier boasts with some intriguing features. The unit comes with a three-stage filtration feature, that is, mechanical, biological, and UV clarification. It also has a backwash feature, high yield UV lamps, and a quartz glass tube that facilitates maximum UV ray filtration.

The Jebao CF-10 Pressure Pond Bio Filter is capable of cleaning water ponds of up to 1500 gallons. The system protects essential pond bacteria. Nonetheless, various complains have been noted regarding leakage near the UV lamps.

5. Best Choice Products 4000 Gal Pressure Bio Filter

Best Choice Products is a brand that is known for affordable but quality products. This 4000 gal pressure bio filter is one of its products, designed for large ponds. The unit filters normal pond water and is one of the best when it comes to energy efficiency.

Some of its notable features include: an inlet and outlet adapter, excellent for eliminating algae, has an indicator that shows when it is tie to clean the sponge, and it comes with all the parts ready for installation. It is also easy to install.

A Final Word

If looking for the ideal type of pond filter to buy, consider a filter that meets your unique pond requirements. All the types of filters in the market have their own unique features and functions and therefore they should be assessed properly before one chooses any of them. The main goal of water filtration is not for the beauty but to get clean and healthy water for the fish and other living organisms. Remember to check out what verified buyers say about any filter and try to compare a number of them prior to the purchase.