The 2 Major Types of Pond Liners

After you have decided to have a pond in your garden, the next thing you will have to think about is whether to use a pond liner on your pond or not. You will then have to ask yourself the kind of pond liners you will want to use in your pond. Will it be the kind of pond liner that is already preformed or rather one that is flexible? Before you answer this question it will be important for you to know that there are 2 major types of pond liners – flexible and preformed. These two types of pond liners both have their advantages and disadvantages so you will have to choose the type that you feel will best suit your unique needs. Currently the flexible pond liners remain the preferred option for many people due to the fact that that they can easily be adapted to fit any pond regardless of the shape. Preformed pond liners on the other hand come with a fixed shape and cannot be changed to fit the layout of any specific pond.

Flexible pond liner

The flexible pond liner is one that can easily be cut to fit almost any pond shape. If you want your pond to have that natural look then it is better to use this type of pond liner. The major materials used to make flexible pond liners are: HDPE, PVC, EPDM and Butyl rubber. There are instances where concrete has been used in the making of flexible pond liner but off course once it dries up it won’t be flexible anymore but at least you can mould the shape of the pond as make you it before the concrete dries up.

Preformed pond liner

These are pond liners that usually come in a fixed shape and size and are not flexible. Unlike the flexible types which can adapt to any shape of a pond, the preformed pond liners are shaped at the manufacturing company and will not made to conform to the shape of the pond at all. In fact, you’ll have to create the pond Some people prefer using preformed pond liners because after being installed there will be no folds or pleats seen on the liner around corners thanks to their custom shapes. After installing flexible pond liners, you may find pleats or folds seen around corners that may have to be folded for the pond to look organized and neat.

Preformed pond liners are usually made from 3 major materials: fiber glass, rigid plastic and a flexible liner (often box-welded to create a custom shape). The advantage of using plastic liners over fiberglass or flexible liner is that they much more are affordable. The only problem with plastic pond liners is that during installation they must be completely cramped inside the ground to avoid the possibility of it flexing. If allowed to flex they may crack something which will spoil them.