Billboard Tarps Vinyl Pond Liner

Billboard Tarps Vinyl Pond Liner Review

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Right of the bat, the Billboard Tarps Vinyl Pond Liner met all the qualities I was looking for in a pond liner. The material used in its manufacture is durable and heavy duty built to last many years while producing continuous service. I also wanted a liner that could make sure that my fish in the pond remain safe. This pond liner is making sure that I achieve a safe environment for my fish. This product is a great buy and great addition to my garden as it makes sure that my fish farming hobby is continuous. It is also helpful when acting as a barrier over the concrete crawl space.

The Billboard Tarps Vinyl Pond Liner is ten feet wide and does not have seams on it. It is safe for the pond life and the garden because many fishers have been using it and it has been giving positive results over time. It is a professional duty pond liner and ensures that all pond requirements are met. The technology used in its manufacture is advanced for producing an item that will last for over twenty years.

Billboard Tarps, the manufacturer of the vinyl pond liner, provides a warranty for the product for a limited time but they give assurance that once I take good care of the product on the front of usability and maintenance, I will get a service of more than twenty years.  The manufacture of this liner is done with PVC vinyl coating on the sides and poly mesh scrim in its center. This item is fully waterproof and ultraviolet (UV) protected.

I’m able to trim this liner with a minimal fray and the inner mesh layer assists in preventing tearing or ripping. It holds the grommets well when fitted. I can also use the vinyl cement when I want to correct other alterations. This liner can also be valuable in applications such as roofing, boat/car cover, hay tarp, floor cover, vapor barrier, truck, construction, sports tarp, agriculture, and much more. Its edges are cut perfectly straight.

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Pros and Cons


  • It is built with heavy-duty materials to last for long while giving service.
  • This pond liner is resistant to tear and ultraviolet radiation.
  • It ensures that fish in my pond are safe because the fabric that produces it is eco-friendly.


  • Doesn’t have a long lasting warranty.

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The Billboard Tarps Vinyl Pond Liner is an excellent quality product with good, long lasting performance.

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