Blue Damsel Flex Pond

Blue Damsel Flex Pond Review

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The Blue Damsel Flex Pond has a triangular shape that measures close to 8’ x 5′. It is well suited for being installed in in a corner of your yard. It has a 21” depth that is adequate enough for smaller fish to swim around in.

The Blue Damsel Flex Pond is a part of the next generation of pre-formed lawn ponds. It holds up to 163 gallons of water. It must be noted that the large shelf area makes the capacity of the water misleading compared to the overall pond dimensions.

The Blue Damsel Flex Pond comes rolled up in the convenient UPS box. It’s easy to install too, as you can quickly snap this stuff in place, and your pond will be ready for installation. All you will have to do is to lay the flex pond on the ground in an area of your choice then you dig, do the installation and fill it up with water.

The shipment kit comes includes the Blue Damsel Flex Pond, the installation template, and the installation instructions. The materials for making this pond are high-density polyethylene that makes it last long. The manufacturer also provides warranty services but you’ll have to contact them for more information.

Therefore, you need to be a good instruction follower when you want to get the best results from this pond. A rigid pond will not give you the best service. Purchasing this liner will give you a large surface that you can use to grow and breed different types of fish.

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Product Features

  • This pond is natural, large and has the capacity of holding 163 gallons of water.
  • The dimensions of this pond are 89 ” x 54” x 21”.
  • It has two shelves for the fish and plants.
  • It has plentiful room for the pump and fountain.
  • It weighs 20lbs.
  • The kit comes with installation instructions and a dig template.

Pros and Cons


  • This pond has a lot of space.
  • It is easy to install in your garden.


  • It is difficult for those with little experience to use the installation template.

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Review Overview

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The Blue Damsel Flex Pond is a great ready-made solution for your garden.

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