Danner Super-Flex Garden Pond Liner

Danner Super-Flex Garden Pond Liner Review

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Fish farming is one of my most treasured hobbies. The manufacturer of the Danner Super-Flex Garden Pond Liner understands that this item is suitable for the home and also for businesses. The manufacture of this liner is done by use of three-layer pressing technology and equipment which ensures that I get the product which can withstand harsh climatic conditions and stay for long while giving service. Installation of this liner was easy because it did not require having expert knowledge. It was straightforward and easy, and it took a few minutes, and all was well.

After purchasing, I came to realize that the measurements of this product were 10 x 4x 11 inches with a net weight of 5.5 pounds. The manufacturing company – Danner, makes arrangement for warranty against this product but trust me; the warranty period will expire before the pond liner gets any damages. This item is made from the polyethylene material, which gives it the strength to withstand environmental harm.

The technology used in its manufacture also ensures that the fabric is wear and tear free plus being puncture proof. It is more resistant to damages than the traditional PVC and EPDM liners. I love using the Danner Super-Flex Garden Pond Liner because it makes sure that the fish in my garden and plants surrounding the pond are safe from environmental damage.

I’m a loyal customer to the manufacturer of these pond liners because I have been getting quality products from them. I also realized that there are more loyal clients in the United States for the manufacturer of this product. They ensure that I get the best quality product for the best price, which makes sure that the service I get is of the best quality. I would recommend it to you because it is a worthwhile purchase for your garden.

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Pros and Cons


  • This product is durable, and the manufacturer says that it can serve me for more than twenty years if I take good care of it.
  • The technology used in their manufacture makes sure that it is flexible to fit in the holes dug for the ponds.
  • The liner is light in weight for enabling easy installation.
  • This pond liner ensures that the life of plants and fish is secure by protecting them from insects.
  • This pond liner is resistant to insects thus making it ideal for putting in my garden’s pond.


  • I did not experience any con with this product, and it provides the best service I want in the dugout.

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The Danner Super-Flex Garden Pond Liner is an affordable, yet durable long lasting pond liner.

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