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Hozelock PVC Pond Liner Review

Hozelock PVC Pond Liner

I was impressed with the Hozelock PVC Pond Liner just from its outlook. It has a attractive packaging that makes it look like a professional grade item. It is made from PVC for withstanding harsh ultraviolet and climatic conditions. The material is exclusively vinyl for fitting well on the ground …

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Danner Super-Flex Garden Pond Liner Review

Danner Super-Flex Garden Pond Liner

Fish farming is one of my most treasured hobbies. The manufacturer of the Danner Super-Flex Garden Pond Liner understands that this item is suitable for the home and also for businesses. The manufacture of this liner is done by use of three-layer pressing technology and equipment which ensures that I …

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Billboard Tarps Vinyl Pond Liner Review

Billboard Tarps Vinyl Pond Liner

Right of the bat, the Billboard Tarps Vinyl Pond Liner met all the qualities I was looking for in a pond liner. The material used in its manufacture is durable and heavy duty built to last many years while producing continuous service. I also wanted a liner that could make …

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Aquascape 45mm EPDM Liner Roll Review

Aquascape 45mm EPDM Liner Roll

The Aquascape 45mm EPDM Liner Roll is fish safe and made of durable, reliable materials. It also has a leading twenty-year guarantee in the industry. The liner is safe for aquatic life including the plants and fish. The Aquascape EPDM Liner Roll is resistant to oxidation, and ultraviolet (UV) rays from …

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Polyex Pond Liner Review

Polyex Pond Liner

The Polyex Pond Liner comes with a black and brown finish and is best suited for low budget applications for small scale pond owners. It is 0.03 mil thick and made UV stabilized materials for protection against the harmful effects of the sun, thus ensuring its longevity. The color diversity in the …

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Firestone PondGard PL45-1010 Review

Firestone PondGard PL45-1010

Many people like to keep a pond in their backyard for a number of reasons – beautification, keeping fish or even growing plants. Pond water can be retained perfectly by using pond liners which are impermeable and do not allow water to percolate through. Pond liners can retain water for …

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