All About the Electric Dethatcher

The decision to buy a lawn dethatcher can be one of your best decisions ever if you have never used one before. A scarifier , lawn raker, dethatcher, or an aerator is a garden tool designed for cutting through soil so as to eliminate impurities such as dead organic plant matter and dead moss. The best dethatcher would be one that has both scarifier and aerator capabilities. Lawns that look healthy never become so overnight. It takes plenty of effort to achieve and an electric dethatcher is one of the garden tools needed for such work.

Electric Dethatchers

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Electric scarifiers or dethatchers are also referred to as electric lawn rakes. They work from an electrical power source. They are ideally best suited for working on moss or thatch on bigger lawns. They particularly perform a good job when used during spring season. Most of the electric lawn dethatchers use a spring or wire types of tines that work best on shallow scarification. These types of units are never good for tasks that entail deep-penetrating aerating. Such a task will damage the machine.

Types of Electric Dethatchers

Electric dethatchers have been categorized into two: corded and cordless. Research is underway and soon we shall have electric models which are not connected directly to the electric outlet. Such models will serve well those who are afraid of getting electrocuted when using current models.

Benefits of Electric Dethatchers

  • Do not require oil and hence no changing of oil.
  • You do not have sparkplugs to change from time to time.
  • Saves lots of money on the long run.
  • So much quiet during operation unlike traditional mowers.
  • Ideal for those who care about the environment. Does not emit carbon or any toxic emissions.
  • No fuel filters that have to be changed.
  • No fiddling with gasoline.
  • You do not have to get dirty fixing parts when there is a problem.

Electric Dethatcher Weaknesses

  • If you use corded models they restrict your mobility.
  • The cordless models tend to be extremely restrictive. With most of them you cannot use them continuously for more than one hour.
  • They do not mow thick grass properly.
  • You have to watch out for water when mowing.
  • They cost more when compared to gas mowers.

Electric Scarifier Best Use Practices

To get the best of your electric dethatcher follow these simple tips:

  • Plan ahead – it is important to begin planning for the task a week before. Inspect the area to be dethatched and treat it so as to get rid of moss or debris. That way you will not spread the moss species while dethatching.
  • Check out the weather – the best weather for mowing is when it is dry. Ensure it does not rain 24 hours prior to mowing.
  • The best season to scarify is during late spring and early autumn.

A Final Word

To get the best implement for your lawn dethatching needs, ensure you choose one that can handle more than one task. Most electric scarifiers have been designed to undertake more than one task and therefore it is not too difficult to get one that does more than one job.